Federal Government Purchasing Portal

This website site was designed to allow easy and efficient procurement of our footwear by Federal Government Agencies and related federal Government Contractors. You will be required to create a user account and password to purchase from our site. You may be required to prove your identity as one of the following authorized uses. Your account will be terminated for false representation.

Who MAY purchase GSA Schedule products from GSABOOTS.COM?

  1. Federal Government purchasing agencies.
  2. State and Local Government purchasing agencies.
  3. Authorized GSA Contractors (letter of authorization must be provided by Contracting Office).
  4. All Military FPO / APO addresses.
  5. Individuals or Agencies ordering using a military or federal government email address domain (EG .gov, .mil, .us).

If you do not fall into this category, you can purchase the same items at our retail website www.shoestoboot.com.

Who may purchase Open Market products from GSAboots.com?

  1. Everyone including the general public and unauthorized GSA contractors.

Are all item on your website on your GSA schedule GS07F5883P?

  1. No they are not, many items are Open Market.

How can I tell if an item IS on your GSA schedule GS07F5883P?

  1. On each product page, above the price of each item, you will see if it is a GSA Schedule item or an Open Market item.
  2. Items labeled "GSA Schedule: Yes" denote that it IS on our GSA schedule GS07F5883P.
  3. Items labeled "GSA Schedule: No, Open Market" denote that the item is NOT on our GSA schedule.
  4. Click the following link to view our GSA Pricelist (pdf).

I need more information about your GSA schedule GS07F5883P

  1. Here are the full details of our GSA schedule.

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